We’ve got your back!

We always believe in the power of a good night’s sleep. Using our beliefs, we create high-quality mattresses that are made exclusively by our highly-skilled team. We work with the sleep specialists on all our products to test and build the safest and smartest solutions to give you the best sleep you could have. Quality control is undoubtedly one of our main priorities. Every mattress from Orthorest is proudly made by our team of sleep experts. As a result, you can rest assured that all our mattresses meet the highest safety standards.

A comfortable mattress should help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep uninterrupted. By adapting to your unique body curve and weight, the memory foam layer in Orthorest mattresses relieves pressure on your body, reducing toss and turn so that you get to sleep better.

At Orthorest, we only care about your sleep quality.
We’ve got your back!

Key features of Orthorest mattresses

Spinal Care

Ultra-strength springing system that provides individualised spine & back support where you need it most, ensuring proper spine alignment no matter how much move or turn at night.


Strong and durable, able to last for 12 years

Cater to
Body Contour

Body contour support, irrespective of weight and body curves


Designed to distribute pressure evenly, providing stable support that relieves pain-causing pressure points.


Sufficient, consistent and continuous support throughout your sleep


Each spring is individually wrapped to minimise motion transfer and disturbance from a restless partner.


Nobody likes waking up with night sweats. Breathable & temperature controlling layers neutralizes body heat and wicks it away, maximizing airflow and cooling you down on even the hottest nights.


Thick layers of natural fillings create the ultimate comfort

If you’re experiencing severe back pain that prevents you from
sleeping, you might want to read more about Back Care