Orthorest: The Back Care Professionals

At Orthorest, we take the art of good sleep very seriously.
As a member of the esteemed Pikolin Group, one of Europe’s biggest names in bedding, we apply leading European expertise in crafting quality innovative products used and trusted by customers across the globe. Through the years, Orthorest range of mattresses have been continually tested and improved to provide optimum spine care and support. It all adds up to a good night’s sleep, which forms the basis of every individual’s health and well-being.

back care_spine

Your back care is our top priority

Orthorest mattresses are reinforced with advanced Technology and proprietary pocketed spring structure which ensure stronger spine support and absolute noise-free comfort.

Orthorest mattress offers proper ergonomic support and revitalising sleep to fulfil the major fundamental needs of all consumers.
It creates a much firmer mattress and, therefore,
a more stable surface for when you sleep.
No more waking up weary with a backache every morning.

IPS - Individual Pocketed Spring

IPS System

Honeycomb IPS is a system of staggered springs arranged in a compact pattern to reduce gaps and increase spring count, offering firmer support for your back and spine. Besides, the system increases durability without compromising comfort.

Due to the circular shape of the spring, a gap forms whenever the springs are aligned parallel. The honeycomb IPS system is the solution to the gap issue. Each honeycomb pocket spring moves following your body movement which provides optimal support when you sleep.

IPS System

Parallel IPS is a system of parallel springs that delivers a gentle yet firm support, usually needed for shoulders and knees. The spring coils are arranged in parallel rows, which enhance the mattress rebound and conforms better to the body’s contours, providing ideal comfort for those who favour a lush yet firm support when they sleep.


A structured combination of staggered and parallel springs created to immaculately support the entire body during sleep.

Technical innovation is instrumental in improving the quality of products. Learn more about our innovations here