Sleep and bedding innovation
based on real customer needs

It is difficult to perceive a world without innovation. The essential benefit of development is a better world and a safer life. In Orthorest, innovation has brought forward dramatic changes and this transformation is still running its course. We spent time listening to customers’ feedback, and our team continuously exploring new ways to advance comfort for everyone and providing you with the best and highest quality of sleep.

Orthorest Bedding Technology

Springing System

SuperCoil™ Springing System

SuperCOIL™ spring system is a system made of high tensile wire spring coils with helical wires joining the springs across the bed. It offers higher density and strength than standard spring system mattresses, reinforcing ultimate spine support and comfort. You’ll feel firmer and better support even with various sleeping positions all night.

Pocketed SuperCoil™
Springing System

Pocketed SuperCoil™ Springing System

Pocketed SuperCOIL™ spring system supports your back by distributing your weight evenly across the bed when you lay on it. The coils push up and down to fit different body shapes and weights. Neither is the mattress too soft nor too hard, making it ideal for both back and stomach sleepers. Plus, it minimizes noise level, allowing light sleepers to sleep restfully all night.

Individual Pocketed
Springing System

Individual Pocketed Springing System

Individual Pocketed Spring Sytem’s coils are separately wrapped so that they move separately from each other, allowing more freedom of movement compared to connected coil springs, thus minimizes disturbance from your partner during sleep. The individual pocket spring system distributes pressure evenly to allow greater airflow through the mattress, promoting a cooler sleep.

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