Actif 5


Aftic 5 spring sysstem offers proper ergonomic support & revitalizing sleep, fulfilling 5 major fundamental needs of all consumers: 

1. Spinal Support

The firmness of innerspring combined with proper progressive support fits perfectly contouring our body & supporting the correct position of the spine.

2. Durability
The heat- tempered spring system prevents sagging & brittleness, ensuring high and reinforced durability of the mattress.

3. Health
Its elastic nature molds itself perfectly to body shape reducing high pressure points that affect blood flow ( which may cause you to toss & turn in your sleep), providing comfortable sleep experience.

4. Hygienic & Breathability
Innerspring mattress sleeps up to 28% cooler than foam mattress. The space among spring core allowing air flows easily, keeping the mattress well ventilated.

5. Affordable & Perfect Solution for Quality Sleep
Actif 5 Spring System is another Quality Product developed by Dunlopillo, offering quality mattress at more affordable price to health conscious consumer. It is fully compliance to Dunlopillo Quality Standards.